2016 Ramen Festival

Celebrity Chef Cathlyn Choi

cathlyn-choiCelebrity Chef Cathlyn Choi is the host of “Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen,” the first Korean cooking show in English.  The show featured healthy, delicious and easy to make Korean cuisine.  Dubbed “Korean Food Ambassador” by her fans, supporters and the Korean media, Cathlyn’s passion for promoting her native Korean foods called “Hansik” has led her to become one of the most recognized Korean celebrity chefs worldwide.  She will be making a Korean vegetarian ramen at the San Diego Ramen Festival.




Gaja Green Egg

gaja-logoComing from Los Angeles, Gaja Green Egg will be serving up some specially made ramen for the San Diego Ramen Festival!



Happy’s Sushi

happys-sushiVoted in top 10 sushi bars in Signonsandiego.com 8 YRS IN A ROW!!! They will be serving their special blend of ramen at the San Diego Ramen Festival. Visit their Mira Mesa location and try some of their Japanese and Filipino food.  www.happysushisd.com


Shake Ramen

shake-ramenOur motto is to provide “One and Only” experience by consulting with you to customize our service for your needs.  You will need to try their very unique “shake ramen!”  www.shakeramen.com




tajimaFounded in 2001 on Convoy Street, in San Diego, CA, Tajima has earned a reputation as one of the top Japanese restaurants in San Diego. Owner and entrepreneur, Sam Morikizono, takes pride in delivering an authentic taste of Japan, in a pleasant atmosphere at affordable prices. Tajima has one of the widest selections of Japanese cuisine available with something to satisfy everyone in your party – including select items for the vegetarian. With three unique, convenient locations Tajima is sure to please when it comes to Japanese cuisine in San Diego.  www.tajimasandiego.com


Special Guest Emcee – Hula!

hulaOur special guest emcee for the first ever San Diego Ramen Festival will be our fantabulous friend and radio personality, Hula!

Hula is not only on air on The AJ Show on Energy 103.7, he is a HUGE foodie! You can catch him on Instagram and Snapchat (HulaSD), on his #FoodVentures trying out and reviewing new food items all over San Diego for you!

He is excited and honored to join you as an emcee for the inaugural year of the Ramen Festival and hopes you all have a DELICIOUS time! #GoRamenCrazy

2016 Entertainment Schedule

4:00 PM Naruwan Taiko
4:30 PM Mochi Cafe
5:00 PM SD Kimono Club
5:30 PM Kaichi
5:40 PM The Happy Hoopers
6:00 PM Ichiban
6:15 PM Kendama USA
6:30 PM Terry Matsuoka
7:00 PM Ramen Eating Finals
7:30 PM Genbu Daiko of San Diego


Performer Bios Below!

Naruwan Taiko

naruwanNaruwan Taiko was founded in 2008 by Diana Wu. The group practices “taiko,” a style of drumming from Japan that was traditionally used in battlefields or festivals. Although the group practices a Japanese art form, the name “Naruwan” is actually a tribal Taiwanese Ami greeting which implies, “welcome,” “home,” and “family” and is something you would say to someone close to you. This name represents the group’s vision of the taiko being a tool for bringing people of all backgrounds, ages, and experiences together to produce a powerful united sound.

Mochi Cafe

mochi-cafeMochi Cafe is an event based maid cafe in San Diego, California. Inspired by the maid cafes in Akihabara, Japan, Mochi Cafe entertains their guests at their events through games, dance, song, and cuisine. Serving guests with delicious treats while playing games and dancing for their guests on stage, Mochi Cafe is an eclectic blend of Japanese pop culture, cosplay, and the celebration of friendship and fun! Mochi Cafe strives to bring the delightfully unique experience of Japanese Maid cafes to the US so it can be enjoyed by everyone.

San Diego Kimono Club

sd-kimono-clubSan Diego Kimono club was formed in 2013. The members are all volunteers who love Japanese culture and want to carry on their Japanese heritage. They especially love wearing kimonos and have been invited to many different occasions to put on Kimono Shows. The kimonos are very special garments and some members have worn ones that are over one hundred years old. Some kimonos have been passed down from their grandmothers and their mothers. It is a beautiful family legacy.


Keisuke Inoue performs a tribute to Michael Jackson

Happy Hoopers

Chika has been teaching/performing at festivals, corporate companies, and more, for 9 years and she performs with students at local events lately.  She will be performing with children at the ramen festival!  They use hula hoops and do tricks while dancing to the music.


As a group Ichban has performed at high school pep rallies, at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park, and at any other events.  They will be performing the Soran Bushi, a traditional Japanese fisherman’s dance from Hokkaido.

Kendama USA

kendama-usaWe are a company made up of Kendama players. We have been sharing and spreading Kendama since 2006, and helping progress the sport with the most innovative players in the game. All of our products have been made putting players and their feedback first.

Terry Matuoka

terry-matsuokaWhether solo or with his 4-piece band, Terry Matsuoka’s live show is an entirely unique experience in itself. In addition to performing his songs with enthusiasm and passion, his shows can sometimes enter the realm of a variety show. In past performances, Matsuoka has performed stunts like drinking poison, getting possessed by Elvis’ ghost and doing dances choreographed by audience members. He also delivers hip hop spoken word and human beatboxes with remarkableability.

Genbu Daiko

genbu-daikoGenbu Daiko’s instructor, Noel Garcia has been performing and teaching taiko for nearly 17 years. In Japan, he performed with and was an instructor for Uzu Wadaiko in Kyoto for two years. Returning to the U.S. in 2011, he performed with Taiko Center of the Pacific in Honolulu for almost a year before joining the prestigious Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble, performing and assisting with taiko classes there for nearly two years. Noel moved to San Diego in 2014 and has been performing and teaching classes since, with Unit Souzou, and various other groups.