Below is our entertainment line up for the 2nd Annual San Diego Ramen Festival, taking place last November (in 2017)!

2017 Performers

Kimono Club of San Diego

The Kimono Club members love wearing kimonos and have been invited to many different occasions in the past to put on Kimono Shows such as the Cherry Blossom Obon Festa, Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego County Fair, Chinese Lunar New Year Festival and more.



Mochi Cafe

Mochi Cafe is an event based maid cafe in San Diego, California. Founded in 2009, Founders Andrea Cash and Stephanie Moore were inspired by the maid cafes in Akihabara, Japan, and the wanted to create a group who’s goal would be to spread awareness of this wonderful culture.

Mochi Cafe entertains their guests at events through games, dance, and themed cafes. Colorful maids and butlers bring this unique brand of cultural entertainment to life. Mochi Cafe strives to bring the delightfully unique experience of Japanese Maid cafes to the US so it can be enjoyed by everyone.


Naruwan Taiko

Naruwan Taiko was founded in 2008 by Diana Wu. The organization practices “”taiko,”” a style of drumming from Japan that was traditionally used in battlefields or festivals. Although the group practices a Japanese art form, the name “Naruwan” is actually a tribal Taiwanese Ami greeting which implies, “welcome, for we are all in the same family”” say to someone close to them, like a family member.

This name embodies the Naruwan’s vision of the taiko as a tool for bringing together people of all backgrounds, ages, and experiences to produce a powerful united sound. Naruwan Taiko is currently teaching classes in San Diego and is in the process of building a full fledged school for the community!


Paul Dateh

Paul Dateh is a violinist, singer, composer, and audio/video host from Los Angeles, California. His work has been seen by millions on the web, through television, and in print.

Paul has composed and arranged music for a variety of clients including AT&T, Google, Kanye West, Nickelodeon, Sony Ericcson, Miley Cyrus, and L’Oreal/Mizani. His second studio album “Invisible World” was released in 2016.


Shino-B Boys

Shinobi, otherwise referred to as “ninja” in the English translation of Naruto, are the primary focus and the main military power in the animated series. Most come from a hidden village, of which some come from specialized ninja clans, and will perform missions for a fee. At the Ramen Festival, watch these surprise Shino-B Boys show us their dance moves in a special mission of entertaining you!


Terry Matsuoka

Terry Matsuoka is a singer-songwriter with intricate musicianship, tight pop songwriting and a soulful voice. His songs are easily relatable because he writes about scenarios that come up in his personal life. While the base of his style is in rock/ pop, he draws on his own musical tastes which also include the blues, reggae, classic soul, jazz, classic country, punk and hip hop.

Whether solo or with his 4-piece band, Terry Matsuoka’s live show is an entirely unique experience in itself. In addition to performing his songs with enthusiasm and passion, his shows can sometimes enter the realm of a variety show. Musically he will improvise, loop musical phrases and play percussion on his guitar.