The San Diego Ramen Festival entertainment will be a variety of cultural and modern performances that will have our audience Go Ramen Crazy!


Blue Kanon

Blue Kanon is a Japanese music ensemble, performing traditional and contemporary music on the Japanese koto (harp) and shakuhachi (flute).

The group was formed in 2006, and since then has played for many cultural events in and around San Diego. Two of the members (Kyoko Takeda — koto, and Jon Crick — shakuhachi) perform every month at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park.

The Japanese characters for Blue Kanon (舞流華音) translate as “dancing, flowing, brilliant sound.” In English, the name suggests the wonderful blue sky and ocean that we enjoy here in San Diego.


DJ Naisu

Naisu is a San Diego based Artist, Music Producer, and DJ sharing his experience of life through music. Performing at the Saturday Night FanGala (18+), you won’t want to miss this acclaimed experience.

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DJ Nico Castro

Nico competes as a Professional B-Boy under the groups, Killafornia Crew & Uncomfortably Fresh Crew. He decided to pursue dance at the age of 12 after the death of his grandfather and mother. After a handful more of family members passing away for various reasons, Nico realized that dealing with grief was a portion of his narrative that was always going to follow.

Nico aims to leave a legacy in this space of artistry through documenting his journey through dance, curating music as a DJ, & fulfilling this hunger to live life on his own terms.


Genbu Daiko

Genbu Daiko of San Diego, is the newest taiko team to San Diego and was founded by Noel Garcia in August of 2015. Noel has more than 20 years of taiko experience as a performer, freelancer, composer and educator in both America and Japan.

The group is composed of dedicated, seasoned performers, and Genbu’s goal is to teach and share the artform of taiko in hopes of spreading creativity and passion throughout the community.

They offer community and training classes so if you’re interested in learning the art of taiko with them, please feel free to look for Noel at the end of the show for more information.


Kimono Club of San Diego

San Diego Kimono club was formed in 2013. The members are all volunteers who love Japanese culture and want to carry on their Japanese heritage. They especially love wearing kimonos and have been invited to many different occasions to put on Kimono Shows. The kimonos are very special garments and some members have worn ones that are over one hundred years old. Some kimonos have been passed down from their grandmothers and their mothers. It is a beautiful family legacy.


La Jolla Taiko

La Jolla Taiko is a community-based group comprised of members of all ages and backgrounds. The group has developed a base in traditional taiko artistry and spirit, and infused that with influences from a wide range of contemporary and world music.  La Jolla Taiko enjoys adding new instruments to the ensemble and experimenting with new grooves and musical timing.

Outside of Japan the word “taiko” or “wa-daiko’” (“Japanese drum” in Japanese) is often used to refer to any of the various Japanese drums and to the relatively recent art-form of ensemble taiko drumming, which is sometimes called more specifically “kumi-daiko.” Taiko drumming is a combination of percussion, dance and martial arts mixed with power, speed and synchronous movement…resulting in an awe-inspiring experience.

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Miyuki Geta Dance Art

Miyuki Matsunaga (Performing Artist, Actress, Singer, MC, Studio Owner) is the creator of a new avant-garde performing art form called Geta Dance Art, which blends elements of contemporary dance, Japanese traditional dance nihonbuyo, kabuki drama and poetry, wearing original Kimono costume and Japanese traditional wooden sandals, ‘Geta.’

Geta Dance Art has been performed worldwide in Vilunius-Lithuania, Berlin-Germany, Rishikesh-India and Houst, El Paso -Texas. Check her website at

Miyuki performs to the sounds of traditional Japanese music and the original tunes composed by Pierre Dubé who is a member of cirque du soleil. Each piece has unique story narrated using a wide range of artistic expressions. In her performances she uses vocals, live art painting and calligraphy, and show-stopping acting techniques.


Mochi Cafe

Mochi Cafe is an event based maid cafe in San Diego, California, founded by Andrea Cash and Stephanie Moore on August 16th, 2009.

Inspired by the maid cafes in Akihabara, Japan, Mochi Cafe entertains guests through games, dance, and song.

Unlike the traditional black and white attire, maids and butlers of Mochi Cafe bring a colorful and unique brand of cultural entertainment for all ages.


Morse Ichiban

The Morse High School Ichiban club (Japanese culture club) will be performing Soran Bushi. This is a traditional fisherman’s dance that illustrates the struggles of fishermen in ancient Japan. The dance reflects the rough waters, the pulling of the nets, the lifting of barrels, and the techniques derived from animals that helped with procuring food.


Naruwan Taiko

Naruwan Taiko was founded in 2008 by Diana Wu in the city of San Diego. The organization practices “taiko,” a style of drumming from Japan that was traditionally used in battlefields or festivals. The name of the organization is derived from the language of the Ami tribe in Taiwan and is a greeting that means “welcome” or “home.” Thus, the name embodies Naruwan Taiko’s mission to be a place where people from all backgrounds and experiences can connect, and together produce a powerful sound and united energy on the taiko.

Naruwan Taiko has taught classes and provided high-energy performances all around San Diego for the past decade and is in the process of building a full-fledged taiko center for the community. Along with a focus on technique and musicality, the group is most known for encouraging students and performing members to discover that extra energy inside all of them and to combine their energies to produce a truly riveting presence during practice and on stage. Naruwan Taiko is currently in its tenth year of bringing taiko to San Diego and believes that this is the year incredible things are going to happen!


Shino-B Boys

Shinobi, otherwise referred to as “ninja” in the English translation of Naruto, are the primary focus and the main military power in the animated series. Most come from a hidden village, of which some come from specialized ninja clans, and will perform missions for a fee. At the Ramen Festival, watch these surprise Shino-B Boys show us their dance moves in a special mission of entertaining you!


Terry Matsuoka

Whether solo or with his band- The Ingredients, Terry Matsuoka’s live show is an entirely unique experience in itself. In addition to performing his songs with enthusiasm and passion, his shows can sometimes enter the realm of a variety show. Musically he will improvise, loop musical phrases and play percussion on his guitar.

In past performances, Matsuoka has also performed stunts like drinking poison, getting possessed by Elvis’ ghost and doing dances choreographed by audience members. He delivers hip hop spoken word and human beatboxes with remarkable ability.


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