Paru Tea Bar returns to the San Diego Ramen Festival!

Launched in May 2017, Paru is a modern San Diego tea company. We use organic, high-grade ingredients harvested during peak season, but we believe quality tea is more than that. We aim for an experience combining aesthetic beauty with the community of small business and local art.

Coming from the fast-paced corporate world, our founder Amy Truong wanted more calm in her

workday. The health and tranquility of tea seemed like the logical answer. It was also the perfect way to honor Amy’s Asian and Parisian roots, as tea is deeply set in these traditions. Paru began with pop-up events around San Diego. A few months later, we launched our ecommerce branch, bringing our tea to an international audience. A year after we launched, we introduced our subscription tea box.

Since consuming tea is a historically social practice, we pride ourselves on mingling with small San Diego businesses. We often source herbs from our local farm partners. We’ve worked with numerous collaborators including distilleries, art installations, yoga classes, and kombucha suppliers.

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