Our ramen vendors will represent chefs, restaurants, and ramen connoisseurs!  Each of the “soon to be announced” 2017 Ramen vendors will be ready to dish out each yummy 12-ounce servings to all of you ramenthusiasts!  Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements, as we announce all of our ramen vendors one by one!


Ajisen Ramen

AJISEN, which stands for (A)uthentic, (J)apanese, (I)rresistible, (S)oup, (E)nriched, (N)oodles – will be making its first debut at the San Diego Ramen Festival! The famous chewy, straight and thin ramen coupled with the secret recipe of tonkotsu soup base (white soup base from which bones, meat, vegetables and other fine ingredients are cooked for many hours producing a milky white broth) has been widely commended in Japan, and was introduced to the rest of the world in 1995. Ajisen Ramen originated from Kumamoto of Kyushu, Japan in 1968 and today, Ajisen Ramen totals over 700 branches all over the world!



Are you ready to BESHOCK? Our new Japanese restaurant in San Diego just opened and we are ready to “sake” things up a little! Our light yet flavorful meals are quickly becoming a neighborhood hit. The broth is made from scratch and full of delicious vegetables–perfect for those looking to stay on the healthier side of dining out. Ramen, sushi roll, and even fried chicken–we have just what you need to satisfy any kind of craving. If you’re a sake fan or have no idea what sake is, we have a “Sake Master” on hand, with suggestions on the best Japanese sake for your taste preference.


Hachi Ramen

HACHI RAMEN is a fast casual concept restaurant, which blends rich California cooking philosophy with Japanese technique and ingredients. Executive chef Misako Ohba, along with the collaboration of Azuki Sushi co-owner chef Nao Ichimura, creates a new variation on Japanese ramen with a West Coast style, as well as a selection of market fresh salads, unique bowls, sushi, and snacks. With a take-out and dine-in option, this San Diego Banker’s Hill hotspot offers the convenience to order ahead, order for office deliveries for the next big meeting, or the perfect spot for happy hour.


Ramen Yamadaya

RAMEN YAMADAYA‘s specialty is Tonkotsu broth ramen noodle. The rich flavored soup is cooked with pork bones after more than 20 hours of boiling. For the first 10 hours, the cauldron is boiled with the strong fire to break bones into flakes. Then, it is simmered for another 10 hours to extract the genuine pork bone broth. This process makes the soup rich and tasty. You will feel the deepness of our Tonkotsu broth after a sip of it. Ramen Yamadaya’s mission is simple, “We deliver good ramen to people in USA.”



Returning crowd-favorite in our line up is TAJIMA, who is once again on this year’s roster of Ramen Vendors! Founded in 2001 on Convoy Street, in San Diego, CA, Tajima has earned a reputation as one of the top Japanese restaurants in San Diego. Owner and entrepreneur, Sam Morikizono, takes pride in delivering an authentic taste of Japan, in a pleasant atmosphere at affordable prices. His passion to preserve the purity of the Japanese taste and style guarantees a memorable and satisfying dining experience, time and time again.



Located in the heart of San Diego, YAKYUDORI has been a local go-to spot, often with lines out the door to get in, to enjoy some great food with a nice glass of beer, sake, or soju. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy the rich ramen flavors only they can bring!




Stay tuned to this website and to our facebook page for news and updates!  We will be announcing all of our Ramen vendors in the coming weeks!