There was so much excitement after we announced our event – and as expected, there were many questions that popped up. Below are the answers to the frequently asked questions, as well as some other important information.  Please be aware of fake event and ticket sites, as tickets bought on fake ticket sites will not be honored.

Q: Is the Ramen Festival sold out and if so, will more tickets be available?
A: The Ramen Festival sold out of General Admission tickets THREE MONTHS before the event!  That’s ramen crazy! VIP tickets are now sold out, too!  Due to fire safety regulations and capacity, we have a limit on how many people are allowed in the event…if our committee and the venue decide we can release more tickets without compromising safety at the event, we will do so in October.  Stay tuned to the San Diego Ramen Festival Facebook page as well as our Silk Road Productions Facebook page for events and appearances where we will be giving out tickets we have pre-budgeted for giveaways and contests!

Q: Will you be selling tickets at the door?
A: This is a very popular question.  Unfortunately, “SOLD OUT” means exactly that – the tickets are sold out.  Due to the capacity of the venue and for the safety and comfort of the attendees, we will not be selling tickets at the door.  Tickets are now sold out, which means there will be no more available.  We would love to be able to include everyone, but for safety reasons, we cannot.

Q: Is it all ages?
A: This is an all ages event, and kids under 12 get free entry!  However, ramen servings still need to be purchased if you wish to try any.  Because the event is SOLD OUT, only ONE child (under 12 years old) per ticketed adult will be allowed entry! This is for fire safety and capacity reasons. Please do not try to sneak more children in than you should – you will be putting their safety at risk by overcrowding the venue!

Q: Will there be vegan or gluten-free options?
A: There will be vegan and gluten-free options available, but we cannot confirm how many of the ramen vendors will have those options until we are closer to the event.  For now, the easy answer is “yes.”  However, until we will not know which of the vendors or how many will have these options.  We would not want you to be disappointed in having only a few options, so if this is an issue, we won’t encourage you to purchase a ticket.

Q: Why is it on a Thursday?
A: In order to get the most amount of ramen vendors we need to do the event when restaurants and ramen chefs are available.  They don’t like losing a weekend day because that is when they do the most amount of their business.  So in order for us to have quality and quantity, we need to do it when the ramen folks are available and willing to do it!  Besides, pretty much everyone needs to eat on Thursday.

Q: What does VIP include?
A: VIP is described on our VIP page but will include a great amount of awesomeness.  In addition to getting your own exclusive and private VIP area, you will also get catered sushi from Sushi on a Roll that is exclusively made for our VIPs (sushi isn’t unlimited, so get there early to get your sushi!).  There will be entertainment and a private DJ just for VIP ticket holders.  You also get to try ramen from EVERY ramen vendor with your special VIP pass (one 12-ounce serving per vendor, tokens will be provided – see below for more details on VIP tokens).  The Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana, our co-presenter, will be presenting a Beer and Sake Lounge with “unlimited” beer and sake samples only for our VIP ticket holders.  Lastly, every VIP ticket holder will get a goodie bag with Japanese snacks and prizes.  This will be the best VIP experience for the value you will find anywhere!

Q: How does the ticket work?
A: You must have purchased a general admission ticket through our eventbrite link – then your general admission ticket will include a token for ONE 12-ounce ramen serving.  Every 12-ounce serving after that is only $5 per token and you can buy as many or as few tokens for ramen as you want! Each token will be available for purchase at our “ramen banks” at $5 each.  There will be no refunds for tokens, so please buy as many as you intend to use.

Q: How does VIP work for ramen servings?
A: Upon entry, each VIP ticket holder will receive three ramen tokens to be used in the ramen area. After your initial three are used, you can redeem for additional tokens in the VIP area ONLY.  VIP ticket holders will have different color tokens and wristbands from general admission, so they must be redeemed in the VIP area.  Each token is good for one 12-ounce serving from one ramen vendor.  You can use your additional tokens for the same ramen vendor, but we encourage you to try as many ramen vendors as possible! VIP is a 21+ event only; no one under 21 years old will be admitted.

Q: How do I enter the ramen eating contest?
A: All registered participants will receive an email about two weeks prior to the event with an invitation link to participate in the ramen eating contest.  You must have purchased a ticket to the event to be able to participate in the ramen eating contest.  There will be three rounds, with up to ten people in each round.  The fastest two people from each round will qualify for the final round, which will take place on the main stage.  The person who consumes the fastest will be crowned ultimate champion of the universe and get a nifty prize.  The ramen eating contest is sponsored by Zion Market, who donated the delicious, pre-packaged ramen bowls from their store at 7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

Q: How many ramen vendors will there be and who are they?
A: Our goal is to have as many ramen vendors as possible, but this will ultimately depend on how many tickets are sold!  We will announce who they are in the coming months.

Q: If I won a ticket from a giveaway or a contest, how do I redeem my ticket?
A: If you were one of the lucky ones to win a contest or giveaway, it is important that we have your name and email address.  Any tickets that were won are admission only, meaning that it does not come with a serving token.  Only tickets that were purchased come with a serving token.  You will have received a confirmation email before the event and your name will be on the WILL CALL list.  Go to the WILL CALL check in and you will come in under an admission-only ticket.

Q: When will the next Ramen Festival be?
A: Sooner than you think!  We will announce that at the event on November 16th!