Our sponsors help make this event happen!  Visit our sponsors websites through the links below and support them! Check our Meditation Garden page for our beer garden sponsors and see who our VIP sponsors are on the VIP page.


Port of San Diego’s Tidelands Activation Program

Our venue, the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier, is sponsored by the Port of San Diego’s Tidelands Activation Program.  Port of San Diego Experiences includes a robust event sponsorship program titled the Tidelands Activation Program (TAP). TAP awards grant funds and waives service fees to community organizations for public events along the waterfront that connect visitors and residents to new cultures and vibrant activities. Artistic and cultural exhibitions, along with exclusive interactive installations inspire visitors and residents to push the boundaries of creativity. Additionally, Port Experiences sponsors and hosts events across San Diego Bay, including organized runs, parades, cultural festivals, concerts and more. Learn more at www.portofsandiego.org


Entertainment/Gold Sponsor – Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership


Gold Sponsor – Balboa Thrift


Silver Sponsor – Getaround


Raffle and Auction Sponsor – Japan Airlines

Soft Drink Sponsor – Calpico


Snack Sponsor – Glico

Enjoy Cheeza from Glico!


If you are interested in sponsoring the 2018 San Diego Ramen Festival, click here for the application!

Our past sponsors can be seen here – Past Sponsors